Welcome to Quality Lineals USA

Quality Lineals is a full-service window profile extruder serving the fenestration industry since 1989.  We provide all the assistance necessary to help you plan, prepare and start the fabrication of our vinyl window systems from plant layouts to set-up of the proper fabrication tooling and equipment.  Our marketing team can even develop advertising and literature for your program in addition to turnkey website design.

We pride ourselves in our work, our factory, and being green with our American made products.    We maintain huge stock inventory available for next day truck delivery or immediate pick up.  As always, all of our products are made right here in the USA.

Welcome to QUALITY lINEALS usa!

We would love to welcome you to our family:
Quality Lineals USA was founded in 1989.  Our sister company Northeast Windows USA, a window fabricator, similar to yours, has been a family owned business for over 60 years.  You will get personalized service from Quality Lineals USA.  No annoying computers to talk to before you get to a live person, no voice mails - just deal directly with our owners - as always FROM OUR FAMILY TO YOURS.  We are a proud participant in the AAMA PVC Lineal Certification Program and all of our window systems are NFRC and Energy Star compliant.

Here is how we can help you:

-Free Delivery from Maine to Northern Virginia

-Extremely Competitive Pricing

-We specialize in small and medium size companies

-Personalized service- deal directly with an owner


The Knockout Punch
For start ups, we have an extensive inventory of "like new" welders, saws, and glass fabrication equipment.  Process dies for most of our window systems are readily available, and in stock, to facilitate a timely start up.

quality lineals introduces Greenstick program

We believe strongly in recycling.  We all have a responsibility to the planet, our children, and future generations.

We are going "Green", and introducing a new program that will allow you to be an environmentally friendly partner in our new venture... and save you a significant sum of money in the process.  The program is called "Green Sticks" and this is how it works.

Quality Lineals can utilize your clean scrap in a variety of recycled, non-critical accessory parts.  We will provide you with palletized gaylords for scrap collections...provide free pick-up at your facility... and drop off new gaylords upon pick-up of the old gaylords.  We will pay you $35.00 per gaylord AND offer you significant savings on the accessory parts we produce from your clean recycled scrap.  See the attached price sheet.  A minimum order of only $2500 in any combination of parts is all you need to get started.  Freight is pre-paid by Quality.

This is a win- win situation.  We will help you participate in the "Green" movement and at the same time put some extra money on your bottom line.  Please click here to view the drawings and prices.