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December 1st, 2009

NorthEast Windows USA is proud to offer an unmatched lifetime warranty! We strive for perfection, but if something ever does go wrong, it is good to know that you have our unprecedented lifetime warranty.

We would also love for you to visit our Quality Lineals page to learn about our high quality extrusions for the vinyl window industry.

When we think of windows, we think of it as an investment rather than an expense.  Energy and maintenance savings are so great that the cost of the window is paid back within 7 years.  We also think of the increase in value of your home, as well as the tax rebates that you now receive as part of the economic stimulus plan.

We stock over 60 sizes - 1,000 in stock


White Vinyl Replacement Windows - Double Hung - In Stock

18x36 24x42 28x38 28x62 31x36 31x58 32x48 36x36 36x54
24x30 24x42* 28x42 30x42 31x38 31x62 32x50 36x38 36x58
24x36 24x48 28x48 30x48 31x42 31x70 32x54 36x42 36x62
24x36* 24x50 28x50 30x50 31x48 32x36 32x58 36x48  
24x36** 24x54 28x54 30x54 31x50 32x38 32x62 36x50  
24x38 24x58 28x58 30x58 31x54 32x42 32x70    
24x38* 28x36   30x62          
Sliders Hoppers
31x15 31x13
31x19 31x15
36x24 31x19
24x24 31x23

* Available Obscure Lower Sash  **Full Obscure

Also in stock... 72x48 Bays and Bows... 36x36 Garden... 5', 6', and 8' Patio Doors

We're always adding more sizes. Call for your size because we may only have to make 2 or 3 for you so your delivery may be up to 50% faster than before. 
If you're like most of our dealers, we'll have all of the sizes in stock for immediate pickup.
Call us and check.  You'll be surprised at how many custom products are on-hand for immediate pickup.
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